abridged cv

Ph.D.: Geography, Michigan State University, 2013.
Dissertation: “Technology and Place: A Geography of Waste-to-Energy in the United States”; Advisor: Dr. Kyle T. Evered
M.S.: Geography, Michigan State University, 2010
B.A.: Anthropology, College of William & Mary, 2008

Professional Appointments
Program Coordinator, Environmental & Sustainability Studies, Rowan University (2016-pres)
Visiting Scholar, Research Program, East-West Center Honolulu (January 2015)
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability, Rowan University (2013-pres)

Selected Publications
Howell, Jordan P. 2017. "Waste Governance and Ecological Identity in Maui, Hawaii, USA". Geoforum 79: 81-89.

Howell, Jordan P. and Todd Sundberg. 2016. "Towards an Affective Geopolitics: Soft Power and The Danish Notion of 'Hygge'". Environment, Space, Place 7: 97-120.

Howell, Jordan P. 2015. "Alternative Waste Solutions for the Pacific Region: Learning from the Hawai'i Experience". AsiaPacific Issues 121: 1-8.

Howell, Jordan P. 2015.“’Modes of Governing’ and Solid Waste Management in Maui, Hawaii, USA”. Environment and Planning A 47: 2153-2169.

Johnson, Laura, Jordan P. Howell, and Kyle T. Evered. 2015. “‘Where nothing was before’: (Re)producing population and place in Ghana’s Volta River Project”. Journal of Cultural Geography 32: 195-213.

Howell, Jordan P. 2015. “The Fate of Waste in Hawaii: Technology Assessment and Solid Waste Planning in Hawaii, 1968-1978”. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 36: 67-82.

Howell, Jordan P. and David L. Baylis. 2014. “Mapping Energy: Cartographies of Energy into the 21st Century”. Geographical Review 104: 209-228.

Howell, Jordan P. 2012. “Risk society without reflexive modernization? The case from northwestern Michigan.” Technology in Society 34: 185-195.

Howell, Jordan P. 2011. “’Powering progress’: Regulation and the development of Michigan’s electricity landscape”. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 101: 962-970.

Recent Presentations
“Ecological Identity, Governance, and Solid Waste Management: The Case of Honolulu's HPOWER Waste-to-Energy Facility”. 2017 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting; Boston, MA.

“Career Viewpoint from the College Level”. 2016 Annual Spring Conference of the New Jersey Chapter of the Solid Waste Association of North America: Atlantic City, NJ. 

“Sweetness and HPOWER: An Environmental History of Honolulu’s HPOWER Waste-to- Energy Facility”. 2016 American Society for Environmental History Annual Conference; Seattle, WA.

“Towards an Affective Geopolitics: Soft Power and the Danish Notion of “Hygge”. 2015 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL.

“A Particular Vision for Solid Waste Management: The US EPA’s Office of Solid Waste (Management), 1970-1979”. 2015 American Society for Environmental History annual conference; Washington, DC.

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