I never tell students what to think. My goal is always to help people develop and articulate their own positions on environmental issues, while also learning skills to be effective environmental problem solvers. I feel that no perspectives should be barred from the development of environmental policy.  In my classes students must confront ideas about the environment and management of the human-environment relationship that they may find challenging or surprising. My classes are not aimed at converting people to my way of thinking but rather at developing critically-thinking, articulate, and active citizens.

I emphasize critical thinking and effective communication, in addition to learning about environmental issues. You've got to be able to clearly articulate your perspective on an environmental issue in order to be heard, and you have to communicate effectively in order to get folks over to your way of thinking. As such my classes draw on geography, environmental history, and the interdisciplinary field of science and technology studies, as well as emerging ideas from business, finance, and management. My classes focus significantly on the relationships between political-economic systems and environmental degradation. I regularly teach the following courses at Rowan University:

  • ENST 94102: Human Nature: Introduction to Environmental and Sustainability Studies)

  • GEOG 16301: Natural Resources, Capitalism, and Society

  • ENST 94302: Technology and the Environment

  • ENST 94401: Environmental Studies Senior Seminar